Overview of Keepbusy.ae – A Free Online Directory of Activities To Do During Quarantine

Keepbusy.ae is an entirely free online platform in the United Arab Emirates where freelancers, individuals & companies can freely advertise a free activity, event, class or concept which they are launching or offering during the COVID-19 Pandemic. One of the most important parts of setting up keepbusy.ae was being able to allow users to submit their own activities as posts on the site. We knew that with the potential influx of activities being posted, it would be a massive task to take on, so we wanted to offer an easy 1-page submission process that could be completed in 10-steps or less. The manual approval process means that we can be sure that every person or company who posts is appropriate.

Keepbusy.ae had to be fast, responsive and easy to use to allow the general public to use the site without requiring any help or assistance.

The Goal of Keepbusy.ae

Keepbusy.ae is not a profit-driven project. There are no fees, charges or commissions attached to either the activity posters or the users who interact with the website. For this reason, we had to settle on affordable options for development and production. At Standish Services, we always focus on providing an affordable option for web design so naturally it fell right within our wheelhouse. We used our extensive knowledge of free and affordable web design techniques, platforms and plugins to achieve a functional website at keepbusy.ae.

Homepage screenshot of keepbusy.ae - A free online directory of free activities to do during quarantine

The Launch

Keepbusy.ae was launched on Tuesday 31st of March, 2020 and has been a resounding success so far. Keepbusy.ae was featured in private English-language daily newspaper The National, which is published in Abu Dhabi but read across the country in the UAE, which you can read here Bored at home? New UAE website collates free online activities.

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