At Standish Services, we offer a fast and reliable service.

We aim to provide you with quick and straightforward solutions for all of your website needs.



We will never use 3rd party services or outsource our work to cheap workers in foreign countries.

All of our work is done by real professionals in the United Arab Emirates.


No longer will you have to put up with inflated fees and costs when you want your company or personal website running smoothly and updated regularly.

Who We Are

We are Standish Services, we’re a 100% British owned and operated company that hopes to dispel the belief that a functional, impressive and fast website shouldn’t be an expensive or difficult task.

When you’re just starting your business, the last thing you need is to be paying huge amounts for a website to help you build an online presence, so Standish Services aims to provide affordable and easy solutions to get your website up and running as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Our Services


If you’re looking for a fast and affordable website, our professional website creators can help design the perfect website for you or your business.


Our upkeep and care packages will give you the chance to spend your valuable time focusing on running your business.

We’ll keep everything running smoothly and resolve faults and errors quickly.


If you already have a website up and running and your current providers are charging too much or not giving you the service you deserve, we can maintain your websites for an affordable price.


With our management packages, you’ll have new pages, new content, updates and new features at a moment’s notice.

The ultimate in keeping your website on the cutting edge and ahead of your competitors.

Digital Marketing

Get your business in front of the right people, high quality British affordable digital marketing designed to boost your sales, leads and customers.

Our Blog

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Update and Upgrade, Optional or Not?

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How Important Is a Website To Your Business?

How Important Is a Website To Your Business?

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