There are two types of people in the world. On one hand, you have the people who are constantly checking to see if there are updates, upgrades or software patches so that they have the most streamlined solution available and then, on the other hand, you have the people whose ‘Check for updates’ buttons often have a layer of dust and cobwebs on them from lack of use.

Are You An Upgrader Or An Avoider?

There really are only two camps here, you’re either part of the Upgraders or the Avoiders. If you’re already an Upgrader, then this is should help you convert some of your Avoider friends and put them on the right path and if you’re an Avoider, well, hopefully this can explain to you why keeping your WordPress (and everything else) updated, upgraded and patched should be the top of your list.

Why People Avoid Updating WordPress (and everything else)

We do understand why some people are so afraid of updating and upgrading, it can be a scary concept, especially when most updates have a warning label saying something to the effect of ‘Make a backup of your website in case you lose data during the process.’ It’s enough to turn away even the most daring website owner as one of the worst things that could possibly happen to your website is downtime, data loss and errors.

WordPress Upgrade

It’s easier just to continue using the version that you know is working, keep everything the way it is and carry on in blissful ignorance of any further updates, upgrades and patches.

Why People Definitely Should Not Avoid Updates

The problem is that WordPress (and almost everything else) regularly update, upgrade and patch their software because of glaring security issues that are discovered and exploited by malicious hackers. Hackers will spend time searching through the code of every piece of software and discover loopholes they can use to their advantage and your detriment.

Every software developer will monitor their own code and once they become aware of a new exploit, they will quickly create a patch, upgrade or update in order to give you the most secure platform possible.

Attention All Avoiders

If you’re an Avoider but you’re still hesitant about upgrades, updates or patches, then maybe you’d be interested in the Care & Upkeep Package from Standish Services, which aims to take care of all of your updates, upgrades as well as support, advice and assistance with setting up HTTPS & SSL.