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Your complete solution to Digital Marketing across the United Arab Emirates. Standish Services, based in Dubai, can provide high quality and affordable digital marketing to existing businesses in the UAE as well as newcomers, startups and individuals who just want to give their idea the best chance.

Through a combined approach utilising social media platforms, online presence, PPC (pay-per-click) ads and organic growth tactics, Digital Marketing can fuel your business with leads, sales & customers.

Some of the platforms that we can use to benefit your business are Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Bing, Yahoo & more.

This complete solution to Digital Marketing can provide effective and powerful sales funnels directly to your business.


Google Presence Assessment

Google Ads Strategy

PPC Campaigns

Google Search Results

Google Search Console

Google MyBusiness


Facebook Business Page

Social Media Post Strategy

Facebook Ad Strategy

PPC Ad Design

Facebook Essentials



Instagram Business Page

Social Media Post Strategy

Instagram Ad Strategy

PPC Ad Design

Instagram Essentials



LinkedIn Page Assessment

LinkedIn Post Strategy

Blog Posting Guidance

LinkedIn Ad Strategy

PPC Campaign

LinkedIn Essentials


Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Automation

Leads & Sales Generation

Platform Guidance

Quality Control



Twitter Page Setup

Twitter Essentials

Social Media Post Strategy

PPC Campaigns

Twitter Advert Design



YouTube Setup

Viral Marketing Strategy

YouTube Post Strategy

Guidance & Assistance




Pinterest Setup

Pinterest Guidance

Posting Strategy